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Prime Carrier is the proven leader in ‘On Demand’ real time trading solutions for the Telecommunications and Media industries. Our solutions are established as the industry standard platform for supporting inter-carrier trading.

Uniquely delivered through Prime Carrier’s on-demand service, our solutions empower customers world-wide to fundamentally differentiate and enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.

Prime Carrier’s products enable organizations to cost-effectively manage interconnect trading relationships more efficiently. Using Real-time processing of actual traffic data to provide quality, cost and margin information enables an ‘actual vs. forecast’ analysis. This fundamentality reduces costs, improves margins and measures call and carrier quality through a range of metrics. Simply, Prime Carrier’s MOST solution gives organizations total control of their business and allows them to trade safely and profitably.


Previously companies have bought, built, deployed, integrated and maintained their own IT systems at a high cost. Prime Carrier’s ‘On Demand’ environment offers an alternative. Our customers can now simply subscribe to services built on a world-class infrastructure and delivered over the Web, providing both a lower cost of entry and a lower more predictable cost of ownership.

Prime Carrier’s On-demand environment enables companies to:

  • Dramatically reduce implementation times compared to on-site installation
  • Focus on core business, not on technology
  • Benefit from an accelerated Return on Investment (ROI) whilst generating significant operational expenditure (OPEX) savings
  • Significantly reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 90%
  • Lower overall commercial risk
  • Remove reliance on internal IT resources