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Typically each type of switch requires a different configuration process with different interfaces and format requirements. In any switch environment, manual update and configuration is a very time consuming process, subject to error, with the result of long elapsed times between routing changes. Errors introduced into the switch update process results in the wrong traffic routing leading to substantial unexpected cost.

The benefits delivered by MOST Network Configuration Manager include:

Faster routing updates brings bottom line savings
Utilizing MOST Network Configuration Manager, a total switch update can be performed in a matter of minutes. All negotiated rate reductions can become immediately effective and not in the industry average 10 to 20 days, generating increased margins of over 10%. Scheduled updates allow routing changes to be applied during out-of-hours, weekends, public holidays to ensure that the cost saving routing is always applied.

‘Single Step’ switch update and Configuration
MOST Network Configuration Manager provides switch specific interfaces provides the ability to drive multiple switches in parallel. A core Man Machine Language (MML) generator is enhanced with a full 2-way interface allowing multiple switch interrogation and simultaneously routing changes.

Multi-vendor Support
MOST Network Configuration Manager provides support for a wide range of different TDM and IP switch types, including Nortel, Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, NEC & Lucent.

Seamless migration from TDM to IP switches
MOST Network Configuration Manager can work seamlessly between the technologies, supporting dual running and helping to facilitate a rapid and low risk migration to IP.

Easy and Precise Configuration
The MOST Network Configuration Manager interface reduces the process of bulk routing update. The routing tables can be easily and frequently updated via a simple-to-use GUI, so that the user can easily display the current routing configuration for a particular destination, and either make manual updates or configure a full network update.

Reduced Switch Errors and Audit Trail
By automating Switch updates and configuration reduces the number of switch errors through full error handling which protects against network loopbacks and ‘tromboning’ between destinations.

Product Features

  • Automatic Upload of routing plan
  • Network Loopback prevention
  • Multiple Switch Time Periods (STP) & Multiple routing tables
  • Temporary Alternative Routing (TAR) feature
  • Rollback Management
  • Scheduled updates for out of hours uploads
  • Back up plan – Full Switch back up
  • Email Functionality
  • Carrier Translation data
  • Event Logs
  • Simultaneous update of multiple and multi-vendor switch types

** Update **
MOST Network Configuration Manager has been proven to integrate and operate directly with existing traffic management installations from other vendors.

When interactive switch update functionality is not offered by either another vendor’s software or through in-house developed software, MOST Network Configuration Manager can upload the routing plan. This is typically generated in Microsoft Excel which can be uploaded without any change or re-keying of the data and allows exactly the same range of switch management capability to be harnessed as within a complete MOST product environment. This is a further benefit of the true modular approach adopted by the MOST product suite.

Download datasheet for MOST Network Configuration Manager