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MOST Agreement Manager enables operators to store, analyze and monitor bilateral, swap, wholesale and transit agreements, enabling carriers to manage and scale their businesses more effectively with reduced risk. It can used on its own or as part of Prime Carrier’s MOST modular software suite that covers the entire Wholesale process from Buy rates, Quality and Traffic management, Routing decisions and Sell rates.

A wide range of Agreement types are supported with the typical being:

Balanced: An agreement for financially-balanced traffic between two carriers over a given period of time. In situations where traffic is not balanced at the end of the effective period, the ‘deltas’ are billed to the outstanding party using a specific rate.

Balanced Ongoing: An agreement on rates where, based on historical data, it is possible to calculate a balance of traffic.

Commitment: Volume commitments between carriers where a specific number of minutes must be paid for at an agreed rate, whether or not traffic is sent.

Threshold: An agreement whereby rates are applied at a series of steps in traffic volume. This usually rewards carrier for sending higher volumes of traffic.

Volume Swap: An agreement to swap a certain volume of traffic to specific destinations, including free phone

The main features of MOST Agreement Manager being:

  • Easy-to-use ‘wizards’ to register all agreements types, from simple to complex, with varying level of detail as appropriate for the agreement
  • A simple interface to configure forecast traffic distributions according to contract and routing constraints such as front loading, back loading or even distribution
  • Advanced tracing and tracking of commitments, trend analysis and forecasting, with varying level of detail, as required
  • Seamless inclusion of Agreement volumes in the routing plans ensures optimal use of available capacity for all traffic streams
  • Simple configuration of Alarms and alerts for agreements where variances have  occurred or may occur

Download datasheet for MOST Agreement Manager