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In most Carrier businesses the main issue is the escalating ‘Data Mountain’ of Rate and Code information coming from supplying carriers on a daily and even hourly basis. It is impossible for a manual process to capture, analyze the data, identify the changes, risks and any potential opportunities available. This results in:

  • Destination ‘Cherry Picking’
  • Invoice disputes
  • Incorrect data used in downstream routing and billing systems
  • Inefficient and Ineffective Rate Negotiation
  • Haphazard Destination Management
  • Ineffective Charge period mapping

Dial Code and Rate Manager Delivers

MOST Dial Code and Rate Manager provides a carrier with easy-to-interpret ‘Decision Support’ information with the following business benefits.

True ‘Code-to-Code’ Analysis

Code Risk Analysis provides a deeper analysis giving easy comparison between carriers and removing the risk of incorrect mapping of rates to destinations.

Instant data view ensures that all data immediately reflects any changes made.

Next Generation Multi-Dimensional Dynamic Mapping

Real time feedback against a static mapping, reflecting real-world business dynamics, with mutli-dimensional comparison of Multiple Destination type Lists, Carrier Destinations Lists and Full Code lists

‘One Touch’ Rate sheet upload process

Auto-processing of multiple rate sheets in multiple formats provides consistent data management and presentation which saves significant manpower.

Partial Rate Sheet upload supporting supplements to full A-Z rate sheets

Increased efficiency from existing resources speeds up procurement of voice traffic

Significant risk reduction in Data Entry and Handling as data is auto-processed with advanced error-checking, changes analyzed and clearly presented improving downstream system effectiveness

Significant Reduction in Invoice disputes

Rate Sheet Repudiation provides accurate information cross referencing quoted rates against invoiced traffic.

Accurate Destination Management

Breakout Analysis of granular routing opportunities to improve margin and grow traffic

Multiple Ranking Policy Options

Optional Ranking policy options – Defensive, Offensive or Weighted offer different rules for the selection of rates, depending on the desired level of business risk.

Sophisticated Charge Period Mapping

Granular analysis of the mapping between the Time of Day periods and the Carrier & Destination Charge Periods to avail of lower rates

MOST Dial Code and Rate Management Deployment

Low Operational impact

Can be used without the involvement of your IT department as the there is no Network level integration required and no additional software dependencies

Multiple Delivery Options

MOST Dial Code and Rate Manager can be uniquely delivered in a number of options:

  • ‘On Demand’ in a secure managed 24*7 operation with zero operational impact
  • Installed with small footprint and low operational impact
  • Managed Service including all Data management

Historically, companies were required to buy, build, and maintain their own IT infrastructures despite exponential costs. On-demand computing gives companies an alternative. Now they can use applications built and run on a world-class infrastructure and delivered via the Internet. This enables companies to decrease total cost of ownership saving by up to 90%, reduce implementation risk, decrease time to value and focus on business, not on technology. The value our existing companies have experienced with on-demand computing far exceeds what they can expect with traditional software.

Modular Approach

Seamlessly add other parts of a modular software suite to cover the entire Wholesale process.

Industry Proven

Prime Carrier’s products are proven to deliver significant cost savings, Margin improvements and accelerated Return-on-Investments.

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