MOST Real-Time Margin Manager

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MOST Real-Time Margin Manager substantially increases the speed, control and efficiency of the sales process and will enable the carrier to obtain better sales prices across all of its routes and from a wider range of customers.

The benefit of being able to process actual traffic data in real-time, gives MOST Real-Time Margin Manager the capability to analyze both the incoming and outgoing traffic and monitor the actual performance of the routes sold. This enables the carrier to understand the performance of both the procurement and sales sides of carrier-to-carrier operations at a glance.

Benefits delivered by MOST Real-Time Cost Manager include:

Cost Impact Analysis
The ability to view, analyze and select alternative rates based on the calculated margin impact based on actual traffic information provides the carrier with information to make rate and carrier selection based on a real revenue and margin impact basis.

Real-Time Traffic Cost Data
With the traffic information being taken from the network as available and processed in real-time ensures that this margin impact information is as accurate and ‘up-to-the-minute’ as possible

Historical Traffic Information
In processing the traffic information and storing the data, it is possible to show historical traffic and cost information which can be used to analyze trends by either carrier or by destination to improve the basis of carrier selection decisions for destinations.

Increased efficiency from existing resources
There is a significant manpower saving by automating a manual analysis process and allowing the business to focus on addressing opportunities to improve revenue and margin.

Download datasheet for MOST Real-Time Margin Manager