MOST Real-Time Quality Manager

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MOST Real-Time Quality Manager provides ‘up-to-the-minute’ reports of the level of service being delivered by carriers and to end customers allowing active management of Service Level Agreement (SLA) at both ends of the network and facilitates carrier comparisons for procurement and routing.

Benefits delivered by MOST Real-Time Quality Manager include:

Real-Time Quality Measurements & Monitoring
The ability to view, analyze and monitor the Quality metrics on the destinations based on actual traffic ensures customer satisfaction is maintained and routing is unlikely to be changed.

These metrics are obtained without any call simulation processes.

‘Up-to-the-Minute’ Data Presentation
As actual traffic is being processed in Real-TIme the Quality metrics are as accurate and ‘up-to-the-minute’ as possible.

Service assurance
With Quality threshold alerting, a carrier can be satisfied that Service Level Agreements taken from other carriers are being maintained.

Historical Data analysis
Historical trends of the traffic quality provided by a carrier over time periods to easily view and understand the service provided allowing preventative action

Download datasheet for MOST Real-Time Quality Manager