MOST Quality Determination Manager

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Test calls are automatically generated to simulate what the end-customer experiences are when making a call using the carriers’ network. It performs exhaustive tests, based on a set of user defined rules, to collect multiple quality measurements including PDD, Noise & Echo. It will also augment existing QoS measures currently collected through MOST Quality Manager.

MOST Quality Determination Manger is a web-based multi-user system with a user-friendly interface imposes no requirement to install any client software. Through a standard Internet browser the Master Destination List (MDL) of destinations can be easily imported into the system, together with a directory of global test numbers. The system can then be used to schedule test calls and gather the Quality metrics.

Customer deployments have found they are able to reduce the level of service levels  trouble tickets by 75% and have also received spontaneous positive feedback of improved service levels from their customers after just one-month’s usage.