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MOST Sales Manager delivers the following benefits:

Holistic Price List Management
Management of all elements involved in setting prices, including adjusting base costs to accurately reflect destinations offered and calculation of minimum & advised offer prices to avoid loss making routes.

Advanced Rules Based Margin Management
Unparalleled flexibility to incorporate a large range of attributes during price setting with user defined rules.

Independent Sales Destination List
Customization of the sales routes providing further negotiation flexibility to ensure revenue and margin optimization.

Dynamic Offer Management
All views on available destinations, cost/price information and carrier rates are maintained dynamically on a single screen. This ensures up-to-date data is used in decisions reducing risk and increasing effectiveness of negotiations.

Sophisticated Customer Rate Management
Through a better understanding of which destinations meet customer target rates, carriers can ensure they are maximizing revenue opportunities and providing superior account management.

Powerful Portfolio Management
Portfolios allow the grouping of various regions, countries and carrier organizations into defined groups for ease of management.

Efficient Contractual Engagement
Customer engagement is undertaken using a formalized process flow from the calculation of the sale prices to issuing an offer in a customer specific template.

Trend Analysis Capability
Trending of both sales price and margin is possible for all rates to all carriers at all times.

MOST Sales Manager 6 adds the following capabilities:

Historical Cost Plan calculations and comparisons so that aggregated cost plans and volumes, per destination and service, can be viewed over a perid of time.

Configurable Quote Output formats so that a generated Quote can be customized with configurable logos and column layouts to allow branding to the quote rate sheet.

Multiple Time period sets which allow the carrier to define timeframes differentiating destination selling rates across the time of day giving maximum flexibility to the carrier to offer the best price for a destination over changing time periods.

Multiple currencies per Carrier so that selling prices for destinations can now be quoted in a default currency and also the currency of the customer.

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