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A large number of Carriers are suffering lost revenue and margin through not being able to analysis actual traffic cost information in a timely manner. Traffic costs may be higher than predicted or forecast due to routing overflow to carriers at higher rates, where Switch plans have not have been fully or correctly implemented to the switch, so traffic is being routed to destinations with carriers at higher rates, or where a low Quality of Service has forced a manual change in the routing plan to a carrier who provides a high quality but at a higher rate. Through ‘up-to-the-minute’ reports of actual traffic costs with MOST Real-Time Cost Manager, the carrier has early warning of cost increases ahead of the Interconnect settlement billing cycles, and can identify opportunities where costs can be reduced.

Benefits delivered from MOST Real-Time Cost Manager include:

Cost Impact Analysis
The ability to view, analyze and select alternative rates based on the calculated cost impact based on actual traffic information.

Real-Time Traffic Cost Data
The traffic information being taken from the network as available and processed in real-time ensures that this cost impact information is as accurate and ‘up-to-the-minute’ as possible.

Historical Traffic Information
It is possible to show historical traffic and cost information which can be used to analyze trends by either carrier or by destination.

Increased efficiency from existing resources
Significant manpower saving by automating a manual analysis process and hones in on the selection that have the greatest impact.

Download datasheet for MOST Real-Time Cost Manager